Elm & Serenity

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Therapeutic Massages

Therapeutic Swedish – 90 min $135     60 min $95

Pressure/Type:            Light to Medium/Full Body

Techniques:                 Your massage therapist will utilize relaxing Swedish techniques, aromatherapy oils, warm towels, warm, aromatherapy neck pillow, and cool aromatherapy eye pillow.

Best Suited for:           Those who are burnt out, stressed, or in need of some R&R for their body and mind.

Benefits:                       This massage will help re-center you and balance your mind and body while relieving muscular tension.


Therapeutic Deep Tissue - 90 min $135     60 min $95

Pressure/Type:            Firm to Deep/Full Body

Techniques:                 Your massage therapist will utilize their hands, fists, forearms, and elbows along with creams and aromatherapy oil blends to relieve sore joints and achy muscles.

Best Suited for:           Those who are in need of relieving tense, achy, and sore muscles.

Benefits:                     This massage will leave you feeling reinvigorated, limber, and loose.


Neuromuscular Therapy - 90 min $135     60 min $95     30 min $50

Pressure/Type:            Customized/Focus Area (NOT full body)

Techniques:                 Your massage therapist will utilize warm arnica oil, neuromuscular therapy, orthopedic massage, positional release, myofascial release, muscle energy technique, and deep tissue strokes.

Best Suited for:           Those who suffer from chronic or acute muscular aches and tension in focused areas.

Benefits:                       This massage will help restore your body and balance your equilibrium by relieving muscular tension, aches, pain, and soreness. 


Mother Massage

Prenatal Massage - 75 min $115     60 min $95

Pressure/Type:            Customized/Full Body

Techniques:                 Your massage therapist will use myofascial release, strain/counter-strain, muscle energy technique, joint mobilization, and reflexive techniques.

Best Suited for:           Expectant mothers in ALL trimesters.

Benefits:                      This massage will ease the physical discomforts of a mother’s rapidly changing body and leave mother and baby in a peaceful state of mind.  


Postnatal Massage - 75 min $115     60 min $95

Pressure/Type:            Customized/Full body

Techniques:                 Your massage therapist will utilize myofascial release, Bindegewebs massage, tapotment, and various other techniques to help with a quicker recovery.

Best Suited for:           Postpartum mothers (postpartum is immediately after birth to about six weeks after) - may be performed as soon as 24 hours after delivery. Note - certain circumstances may need a release from doctor. 

Benefits:                      Postnatal massage helps to restore your pre-pregnancy body, assists in quicker healing of caesarian, involution of uterus, and overall well-being.


Induction Massage - 90 min $135     75 min $115

Pressure/Type:     Customized/Full body

Techniques:          Your massage therapist will utilize aromatherapy oils, acupressure and reflexology points, and massage of specific ligaments to help encourage the labor process in addition to techniques used in pregnancy massage.

Best Suited for:    Expectant mothers that are full term - 40+ weeks of pregnancy. 

Benefits:              This massage will not only relax and relieve aches and pains, but help the expecting mother prepare for labor by being at her best mentally and physically. The techniques used to encourage the labor process are beneficial for mothers looking to not be induced, who have a breached baby, are under a lot of stress, and who need a extra natural boost to evict baby from the womb. 


 Specialty Massages

Elm & Serenity Signature Massage - 90 min $145

Pressure/Type:            Customized/Full Body

Techniques:                 The perfect blend of eastern and western modalities. Your massage therapist will use long full-body Esalen strokes, Reiki, Thai massage stretches, warmed stones, acupressure and reflex points.

Best Suited for:           Those who want to try a restorative unique massage that will leave the body feeling balanced, while harmonizing the body’s energy.

Benefits:                      This massage will leave your body relaxed and limber, while being energetically rebalanced.


Serenity Stone Massage - 90 min $145     60 min $105

Pressure/Type:            Customized/Full Body

Techniques:                Your massage therapist will place warm basalt stones on your body as well as utilize the stones in their hands to release muscular tension. Aromatherapy oils are used to enhance the relaxation experience.

Best Suited for:           Those who may like an alternative to deep tissue or who just want to relax.

Benefits:                      This massage will leave you feeling loose and limber without the deep pressure, as well as fully relaxed.


Specialty Treatments

Reiki – 60 min $75     30 min $45

Pressure/Type:           Light/Full Body (can be fully clothed)

Techniques:                This is a energetic form of healing touch.

Best Suited for:           Those with chronic illness, who need an introduction to healing touch, rebalancing of energy, and those who just want to relax.

Benefits:                       This healing energy session will activate the body’s innate healing process, while balancing your “Ki” – energy – and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.


Integrative Reflexology - 60 min $95     30 min $50

Pressure/Type:            Customized/Feet, Hands, Ears

Techniques:                 Your massage therapist will stimulate reflex points along your feet, hands, and ears using fingers, knuckles, and fists.

Best Suited for:           Those who carry stress from standing or doing work on their feet all day, like their feet massaged, or who are new to massage but want to start off with a simple – yet relaxing – service.

Benefits:                       Integrative reflexology will work with your energetic pathways known as meridians, to help align body and mind, while promoting better circulation to your feet and throughout your whole body. This service will provide homeopathic relief of digestive issues, reduce muscular tension, reduce swelling of lower limbs, improve lymphatic and nerve circulation.