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Massage for the Childbearing Year

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Prenatal Massage

75 Min - $ 110   60 Min - $95

Pressure Type: Customized/Full Body

Techniques: Your massage therapist will use myofascial release, strain/counter-strain,  muscle energy technique, joint mobilization, and reflexive techniques.

Best Suited For: Expectant mothers in ALL trimesters. 

Benefits: This massage will ease the discomforts of a mother's rapidly changing bodying leave mother and baby in a peaceful state of mind. 


Postnatal Massage

75 Min - $110   60 Min - $95

Pressure Type: Customize/Full Body

Techniques: Your massage therapist will utilize myofascial release, Bindegewebs massage, tapotment, and various other techniques to help with recovery. 

Best Suited For: Postpartum mothers (postpartum is immediately after birth to about six weeks) - massage may be performed as soon as 24 hours after deliver. Note- certain circumstances may need release from doctor. 

Benefits: Postnatal massage helps to restore your pre-pregnancy body, assists in quicker healing of caesarian, involution of the uterus, and overall well being. .


Induction Massage

90 Min - $125   75 Min - $110

Pressure Type: Customized/Full Body

Techniques: Your massage therapist will utilize aromatherapy oils, acupressure, reflexology, and massage specific ligaments to help encourage the labor process in addition to techniques used in pregnancy massage. 

Best Suited For: Expectant mothers that are 38+ weeks pregnant. 

Benefits: This massage will not only relax and relieve aches and pains, but help the expectant mother prepare for labor by being at her best mentally and physically. The techniques used to encourage the labor process are beneficial to mothers looking to not be induced, have a breached baby, are under a lot of stress, need an extra boost to start labor, and are considered high risk.